SERPE(Simple Enterprise Resource Planning and Execution) Easy to set up, easy to adapt, SERPE is a web/browser based Simple ERP application

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Product Features

Web Based Simple ERP Management

Managing real-world business process ranging. It involves a powerful workflow engine that manages the entire process.

Error free transactions and productions

It's integrates varied organisational systems and facilitates error-free transactions and production.

Paperless office

It will help you to save printing and storeage cost and retrieve documents.

Access system from anywhere

You can access anytime, anywhere, via any device, while at the same time giving control and visibility for today's enterprises.

Search Ability (Instant access to ERP Data)

It does this by providing you with instant access to all your data, documents and business processes.

SMS / Email to Clients

Clients would go through the SMS and Email process for invoices, sales orders, receipts and purchase orders


SERPE Dashboard makes it extremely easy to access the right data and interpret this the right way.

ERP Tracking with history

ERP systems track business resources, cash, raw materials, production capacity and status of orders, purchase orders, and payroll.

Automating Invoicing,Sales and Purchase Orders

SERPE connects any ERP solution with related documents, automating processes for Invoicing,Sales and Purchase Orders.

Inventory and materials Management

Enable users to manage materials, intermediate goods, or finished goods on the basis of defined characteristics.

Low Maintenance (No Servers, No Tech Staff, Always latest software)

SERPE can simpler implementation, reduced maintenance costs and integrating new technologies.

Get on board in less than an hour

SERPE featured content is source for news and analysis. Browse our new updated softwares, Video Library, White Papers and more.

Custom reports and changes done for free

Get an clear custom reports and explanation of workflow management and changes done for free.

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